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Chalupa U Bednářů
Stará Rudná 83
793 31 Rudná pod Pradědem
Bruntál county

GPS Loc.: N 50° 1.3565', E 17° 22.7316'

GSM: +420 602 531 763


  • Brno 80 mi
  • Ostrava 65 mi
  • Opava 25 mi
  • Rýmařov 12 mi
  • Bruntál 6 mi
  • Karlova Studánka 6 mi

Chalupa U Bednářů is located at the foot of the Jeseniky Mountains, in the centre of the village of Rudná pod Pradědem, opposite a shop, at about 2130 ft above sea level. The village is about 6 miles north-east from the town of Bruntál, Moravian-Silesian region, Czech Republic.


By car

In Bruntál, turn right from road 11, direction “Jeseník” or “Vrbno pod Pradědem”, road 450. Then, in the next village, turn left, direction “Malá Morávka”. Rudná pod Pradědem is between Bruntál and Malá Morávka. Our chalet is opposite a shop named Hruška. If you pass a church, you will need to go back about ¼ mile.

By bus

Use the bus line “Bruntál – Karlova Studánka přes Malou Morávku” (Bruntál – Karlova Studánka via Malá Morávka). Get off the bus at “Rudná pod Pradědem – kulturní dům” (Rudná pod Pradědem – cultural centre, right after you pass a church) and then walk approx. ¼ mile back downhill, past the church. Our chalet is opposite a shop named Hruška.

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