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Trip suggestions

St. Joseph's Chapel in Podlesí

Distances: 5 kilometres

If you feel like a short walk, head uphill from the chalet, towards the municipal office. Here, turn right towards a tarmac football field. Take a path behind it, leading to the left towards the church. After you have passed the three houses, head east to Nová Rudná and Malá Morávka through the fields. It is a better alternative to the tarmac road. After you have reached the Rudná pod Pradědem - zastávka railway stop and the signpost, follow the bike trail no. 6079 away from the main road and after about 1.2 miles, you will reach a wooden chapel. If you wish to see the inside, phone Mr .... in advance. He lives in a house near the chapel further down the bike trail. The horses around also belong to him.

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