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St. Joseph's Chapel in Podlesí

Distances: 5 kilometres

If you feel like a short walk, head uphill from the chalet, towards the municipal office. Here, turn right towards a tarmac football field. Take a path behind it, leading to the left towards the church. After you have passed the three houses, head east to Nová Rudná and Malá Morávka through the fields. It is a better alternative to the tarmac road. After you have reached the Rudná pod Pradědem - zastávka railway stop and the signpost, follow the bike trail no. 6079 away from the main road and after about 1.2 miles, you will reach a wooden chapel. If you wish to see the inside, phone Mr .... in advance. He lives in a house near the chapel further down the bike trail. The horses around also belong to him.

A little history:

Podlesí (Wiedergrun) was founded in 1634 by the word of Georgie Wilhelm von Elkershausen, a governor of Bruntál for the German Order of the Teutonic Knights of Christ in Jerusalem. It used to belong to Alt Vogelzeifen (today Rudná pod Pradědem).

In 1748, the wooden chapel was built. First, it served only as a bell tower and the village promised to keep it running and in good condition. In the same year, the burgrave of Bruntál had made a bell and had it consecrated to St. John, Charles Bartholomew and Christian.

In 1776, the chapel was enlarged, and a pipe organ and some liturgic equipment was installed, so the building changed into a chapel, where masses were held regularly. In the 1800's, a cemetery surrounded by a stone wall was established. The first burial was held in 1808. In 1812, local people renewed a cross of larch wood in front of the chapel.

From 1820, a prayer beads guild and a church company seated in the chapel. In 1842, the tower was enlarged and the chapel received a base wall in order to install a brick floor inside. 5 years later, 14 more pews were installed, the cemetery wall was repaired and in 1848, bellfounder Stanke from Olomouc made a second bell for the chapel. When the old bell broke in 1856, it was remade 6 years later by bellfounder Wolfgang Strauber from Olomouc.

In 1858, the old pipe organ stopped working properly. Engelbert Klos from Andělská Hora made a new one. Financial problems however caused that the chapel was taken by the parish in Alt Vogelzeifen from the village of Podlesí.

During the first world war, the bells were taken for military purposes. A new bell was bought in 1930 to the honor of St. Joseph.

After 1945, with removing of the mostly german inhabitants of the village, the burials at the cemetery stopped and later, it was discontinued entirely. The chapel was left to its own destiny since the end of the war. It was however saved later in the 20th century and in 1993, the archbishop of Olomouc, Jan Graubner, consecrated it to the Good Pastor.

In 2004, the chapel and the cemetery was enlisted as a cultural heritage by the Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic.

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